Sunday, November 18, 2012

I movie

Treat Or Treat I Movie from Student on Vimeo.

Room 15 has learnt how to use I Movie on the ipad. Here is an example

Monday, August 13, 2012

Production 2012

This term the year 5 and 6 children are making up a production about the Olympics,Talent, Green is Gold and Wearable Arts.
Characters: Host, Funny Man, Ad People, Medallist, Techie Kids, Commentator, Who's Got Talent

I think that the show is going to be really fun and I hope lots of people come to see it.

Room 15 Olympic Unit

Over the past few weeks Mr Ford has been giving homework about the Olympics. Some of the sports in the Olympics are Boxing, Road Cycling, Running and Swimming.

Monday, August 6, 2012

White Pine Bush

The Lone Robot

Dear Mum & Dad

I hope you get this letter. I wish I never ran away your rules were as fair as anyone's. I was little and I made a stupid choice.And now I wonder through the forest lonely and rusty. I miss your soothing oil baths mum and dad I can never get to sleep without your bed time story.You always cheered me up.  I saw some smoke yesterday and i was inspired to see where it was coming from. It was coming from your train. I looked at my birthmark and new this was my chance. It won't hurt to try find my family. I jumped on the train i was a little tired and I fell asleep. the train came to a strong holt so strong it woke me up. I hopped outside one step at a time. Ahh. I was nearly crushed by a monstrous machine they were dropping off gigantic brown crates. Then I realised what was happening and I realised that you had changed. what have you become of Mum and Dad making robots to do your dirty work. If you find an abandoned birthmark on the ground you will know whose it is. I’m glad I ran away and realized that the forest was my true friend.

One Lonely,Broken Hearted Robot

Dear Son
I got your letter and I found your birthmark. Sometimes I don’t even know who I am. Ever since you ran away life has never been the same. I was heartbroken and I sent robots out to find you. Then I realised how good it was,them doing all the work. So I made a company and named it after you. But now I shut it down just for you. Please come back home.

Mum and Dad xoxo

And the family did reunite and lived happily ever after.

By Savannah-Lee Stevenson

Monday, July 23, 2012

Margaret Mahy

Because of the devastating loss of Margaret Mahy room 15 has done a writing activity to appreciate her achievements

After the video stopped we have to write how it ended out of our own imagination next week I will post a few story's of what we have done and the full version of the video 

Maths Timetables

Maths Timetables

In Room 15 we have been using a special strategy to work out Timetables.
Using place value,

16 groups of 17 
looks like 
17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17
This takes a lot of working out so we use our times tables instead.
so 16 groups of 17=
10 x 17 and 6 x 17
10x17=10x10=100 and 10x7=70 
and 6 x 17= 6x10=60 and 6 x7=42
so 100+70+60+42=

16x17 =?
Wrong way  10X10 and 6X7

Right way
10x10 and 10x7 and 6x10 and 6x7
= 100+70+60+42
= 170+102